Saturday, September 13, 2008

Merry Chuseok Everyone!

This weekend is the traditional thanksgiving Korean holiday of Chuseok!

It is a time where traditionally everyone returns to their hometown (an important concept - where you were born affects your status and creates instant friends) in a mass exodus turning Korea into a giant traffic jam.

It is a time to show respect to grandparent and elders, to visit family graves, and to enjoy a meal of traditional Korean food with one's family.

Sounds wonderful, but in reality (as my students have complained to me) it is the women of the family who spend the holiday buying, preparing, cooking, and serving the meal while the men relax and play cards. And watch TV.

While this is changing with the younger generation, this is the traditional division of labour. It makes sense that many Korean women hate Chuseok.

Time to play some cards! Happy, er... Merry Chuseok!!!

Oh, we were fortunate enough to be invited to Chuseok dinner by our good friend Hong! So expect a post confirming/disputing what my students said!

Also expect a post soon on my adventure into North Korea!

All this and a bag of cats coming soon!


Jewels said...

how does that differ from thanksgiving or christmas in North America? Women spend the time preparing and cooking and men usually sit and watch tv...namely NFL Football. no? :)

Have a great time!!!!

Peter Bond said...

Jewels - I would hope men might help in North America, but maybe they don't... Happy Cheosok!!!