Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Redesigned Bond's Blog and a Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus strolling at Dusk

Welcome to the newly redesigned Bond's Blog!  As I dabble in tweaking the html, I'm sure the design will shift here and there.  But I am much happier with this new look.

To celebrate this fresh start, here is a new Spinosaur piece I created for the upcoming Prehistoric Times magazine.  It represents an artistic jump in my abilities as I began experimenting in digitally colouring!

The above piece was created using a mix of trad and digital techniques: it began as a pencil sketch, then scanned into the computer where I tweaked the contrast to change the pencil into strong "ink" lines.  Using layers in photoshop, I built up the colours and shades and details, until he ended up looking like the final product.  To finish him, I placed the coloured spinosaur into a photograph of a beautiful beach (that I took in the Philippines while traveling in late 2008.)
Zoom in to see the full effect of this digital colouring.  It's not perfect, as the black "ink" layer gets lost in places, and the general shading still needs work.  (Also, if you think about it, his left foot disappears conveniently behind his right! Yikes!)
Anyway, it's a new style for me that I'd like to continue and try to perfect.  How do you digitally colour your drawings?


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Nice layout! I see you are testing the new blogger templates.

Liked your Spino!

Brian Blacknick said...

Cool looking Spinosaurus Peter! I didn't immediately pick up on the foot disappearing behind the other till you mentioned it.
The colors of the beach/water and dinosaur compliment each other nicely.

Peter Bond said...

Thanks Dinorider! I'm still testing things, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them!

Cheers, Brian! If you didn't see the missing foot, then maybe most people will skip over it too!