Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Rap-Up

Final Medal Results:  USA 37  -   Germany 30  -  Canada  26  -   Norway 23  -  Austria 16
(See the final results here)

What an amazing experience the Vancouver 2010 Olympics was!  The city had an amazing vibe with people partying in the streets and singing 'O Canada' on the seabus!  With Canada wining more Gold medals than any other country and winning the most Golds ever for Winter Olympics, I couldn't be happier!

One of the most amazing experiences was actually going and watching an event.  I was lucky enough to get tickets to the last night of Short Track Speed Skating and witness Canada winning two golds (Thanks Craig and Lady R!)   Another post will cover that soon.

But it's not the medals, not even the sport.  It' was the patriotism and the party.  It was something special...

If you haven't seen Stephen Brunt video essay on the Games, it sums up perfectly my feelings:

With the final Hockey Game won (most amazing game EVER!) and the Closing Ceremonies over, we turn our attention to the Paralympic Games!  Next Saturday, I'll be going to my first Sledge Hockey game.  I'll tell you all about it later...

Vancouver 2010 ... What fun!

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