Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sauropod Liveblogging 0: the Ideas Stage

Welcome to ART Evolved's Sauropod Liveblogging Extravaganza! My painted piece begins here, but Rachel's is completed and Mo is right in the middle of his, so check them out. Check here for links to all the ART Evolvers' liveblogging!

My plan is to restore the American Museum of Natural History in New York's famous mount of the giant sauropod Barosaurus rearing-up to protect her baby from an attacking Allosaurus. This scene has been restored many times before, but it is still a favorite of mine and will be a real challenge. From the thumbnail sketches above, I think I'll be choosing the arrangement in the middle with the barosaur facing us and the allosaur in the bottom left quadrant. Just need to decide on the medium: acrylics or watercolours?

Reference photos I took in early 2007:
Barosaur front view

Allosaur in front of the barosaur and baby

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