Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Livebogging 2: This Time with Friends

The end of October brings Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year (still trying to decide on a costume). It also brings the opening of a new Time Capsule at ART Evolved - this one labeled "Sauropods!"

With two weeks to go, it is about time for another experiment in art that is liveblogging! With lessons learned through my first experience liveblogging the Anomalocaris, Liveblogging 2 will take place this weekend - October 17 and 18th! Be sure to come by and comment on the creation of my Sauropod piece!

But that's not all! This time around, fellow ART Evolved bloggers will be joining me in this Liveblogging Fest all weekend! Six to ten artists, all creating art LIVE and posting work-in-progesses LIVE all weekend! But where will you be able to find these amazingly talented artist's blogs?

Why here on ART Evolved! We will compile a single comprehensive post containing all the links to every participating blogger involved in the ART Evolved LIVEBLOGGING FEST!!!

Check them out!!!

1 comment:

Raptor Lewis said...

Sounds good to me! The only problems right now with me is that I seem to be having computer trouble. :( I should have it fixed by tomorrow but that means I probably won't be able to participate. :P

At least I'll be able to watch everyone else's pieces. :)