Monday, July 27, 2009

The Making of Two Pterosaur Pieces!

With a bit over one month to go before the September ART Evolved Gallery (Anomalocarids), I felt that I needed to do a little "making of" of both of my Pterosaur paintings from the last Pterosaur Art Gallery.

The first piece is "Arambourgiania Family Unit" and I have documented it's creation and composition on ART Evolved here. Check it out!

Arambourgiania Family Unit - 2009

The second piece I created was more patriotic! As the Pterosaur Gallery when online on July 1st (Canada Day), I thought it important - as a Canadian - to celebrate just a bit. So "Canadian Quetzalcoatlus" was born.

It began here, as an acrylic painting on white paper. The shape was designed to subtly resemble the iconic Maple Leaf of our flag. Once this image was digitized (using my camera), I imported it into Photoshop, where I tweaked the colour contrast and brightness. Two red bars on each side of the "flag" were added, along with shading and shadowing.

Canadian Quetzalcoatlus - 2009

Tada. and now, onto Anomalocarids...

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