Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Longest Heat Wave since 1880 in Vancouver

Today was the hottest day EVER in Vancouver! 33.8C downtown and 42C in surrounding towns!

Whew, it is hot. We in Vancouver are not used to this heat (899 degrees F...maybe. I don't know Fahrenheit.) This is the longest stretch of over 32 degrees weather (3 days) since 1880! Yuck!

It makes it harder to work on Mr. Anomalocaris!

Anomalocarid sketches - developing ideas for the next ART Evolved Gallery


Raptor Lewis said...

Man, I completely understand!! It was in the triple digits in Houston (in Fahrenheit, of course, as this is the United States) and Major Drought!!! There hasn't been ANY rain down there for Months (okay, maybe weeks, and I know I'm probably exaggerating a little, but all I know is it's HOT down there, man!!), even when I was down there!

I mean, I may be from the Southern United States (which was the CSA, the Confederacy in the 1860s, if you didn't know, my ancestors were soldiers for that army), but that's hot EVEN for me!! So, I should know what HOT is and I understand what you guys are going through, so, please, don't misunderstand my "rant." In fact, Washington State is having a similar problem. We, in the U.S., feel ya, man! :(

Raptor Lewis said...

Oh yeah...and if it's THAT much in Fahrenheit, we....well, let's just say there wouldn't life on this continent, let alone this planet.:(

Anonymous said...

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