Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whale Sharks: Take Two

Well, I haven't seen a whale shark yet. Arriving back to Cebu from Bohol, Steve and I found that the ferry to Masbate (and on to Donsol) didn't leave until Monday. So we changed our plans and spent the weekend in Moalboal, a beautiful small beach town two-hours south of Cebu, on Cebu Island.

But now the boat leaves today! After postponing the Whale Shark Search, we begin it again! Off to the terminal... and on to the giant fish (and maybe Manta Rays too!)


cheayee said...

LOL. just found ur blog from google..
i see you are gallivanting around the globe for christmas hols..

anyways, i am going from sydney to korea instead for travel. opposite direction, i guess.


Traumador said...

good luck in the fish hunt.

try calling them "here fishie fishie" it works for me when fishing sometimes!

Raptor Lewis said...

Careful not to scare them. Remember Steve Irwin and the Manta Ray 2 years ago.

Raptor Lewis said...

Have you checked out my blog yet?