Monday, December 01, 2008

The New Plan!

With over 240,000 tourists stranded in Thailand due to the closed airports and the increase in violence between the PAD protesters and the Bangkok police, Steve and I have officially abandoned Thailand as our vacation destination.

The situation's just too dangerous and unpredictable. It sucks, actually.

On the plus side, we used a travel agent (Apple Tours) and they have given us a complete refund, and have helped us decide on where we will go instead...


Today, we bought our $600 return flights Seoul to Cebu, Philippines and travel insurance and are now ready for tomorrow's 10pm flight! Once in Cebu, we will spend a few days acclimatizing to the HUMIDITY and deciding what to do.

So far (after skimming thought the newly purchased Rough Guide), there seems to be plenty to do - a few things I can cross of my Bucket List too! First and foremost is my plan to get my scuba diving open water certificate in Bohol. Comparably priced with Thailand, this is where I will add one more "James Bond skill" to my repertoire! Besides scuba diving, the snorkeling is apparently amazing - warm water, over 7000 islands and 350 species of fish - including (I am so excited) the WHALE SHARK!

Besides the water, Boracay has the expensive tourist island thing down with apparently one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Island hopping, river-cave exploring, San-Miguel drinking, volcano trekking... Sounds great.

So goodbye Thailand massage, Hong Kong, and Angkor Wat (another time)...

... and hello Philippines scuba diving, whale sharks and Jeepnees!

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Raptor Lewis said...

Glad things worked out. Have fun and keep me posted (pun, intended and attempted.)