Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back in Cebu, Leaving Sunday

Geckos, Turtles, Sea Snakes, Parrot Fish, Nemo... I have seen a lot of animals on this trip through the Philippines - but the most amazing has to be the Whale Shark.

Yup, we succeeded in the Seach for the World's Biggest Fish. And they are big. Really big! We saw two - one medium-sized and one huge. I will post a more thorough description of our adventure to Donsol and back, as there seems to be nothing on the net to help travelers coming from Cebu.

But we are now safe and sound in Cebu - which is actually a bit surprising, as we went by sea and there was a typhoon warning (hi, Mom!) In fact, a boat sank the day before, so we were genuenly worried.

Suffice it to say we are still alive! AND we've seen whale sharks!

Two more days in Cebu, and it's back to Seoul, and then back home to Vancouver....


Raptor Lewis said...

Excellent!!! Hey, post some pictures!! I want to see some of those whale sharks you mentioned. Of course, biggest sharks NOW!!! But, I bet they pale in comparison to Megalodon. And, uh, thanks for visiting and commenting. And, sorry about pestering everone. I'm a little paranoid and OCD about PaleoQuest's qualiy. I'm new and it might be a while before I'm completely comfortable.

Peter Bond said...

Yeah, don't worry about your blog's quality. It's a good start and it just takes time. Keep posting and more people will visit.

Yeah, I don't mind swimming with whale sharks, but I wouldn't want to swim with Megalodon! luckily for me, they are very different species of shark!

rencalago said...

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