Friday, March 21, 2008

Seonuydo Island - A Photographic Study

Seonuydo Island (do means island in Korean - Seonuy Island) is located in the middle of the Han River in the soul of Seoul (heh, sorry!) It is an old water treatment plant that has been transformed into a beautiful eco park. If ever there was a place to take amazing photos, this is it.

Last Saturday, my roommate Stephen and I, and our visiting friends Robin, Chezu and her friend jumped on the subway and the photographic expedition began...

Steve's flash went off at exactly the same time I took this shot!

Walkway up to the bridge to the island.

Steve and I wrestling

Park and cycle path on the banks of the Han river.

Banks of the Han.

The rainbow bridge to the island.

Bubble Bee.

Two Hearts.

Bamboo Forest.

Korean Woman's Struggle.

Spring Love.

Mind of a Korean Businessman.

Stone Forest.

Industrial Beauty.

Steve in mid-jump. After three attempts, he managed to jump up 5 feet.
Well done, Steve.


My band will be here soon...

Parting Shot. (my favorite)


leslie said...

All these photos are incredible!!
Thanks for the little 'vacation' I just got to enjoy. What a fabulous place!
I think Bubble Bee is totally endearing.

The Flying Trilobite said...

Great shots, Bond!

I like the grafitti and the bamboo.

I think my favourite overall was Mind of the Korean Businessman.

Peter Bond said...

Thanks a lot, Leslie and Glendon! I ALWAYS love feedback and, as you can see, I also love taking photos.

Bubble Bee and Mind of a Korean Businessman are two of my favs also. Korea is just so photogenic!