Sunday, March 02, 2008

Now I've Got a Leg to Stand On

Continuing the on-going epic of "Recovery from Cellulitis," my shin is improving rapidly.

In my doctor's words:

"More improvement."

Last week saw the removal of my splint, releasing my ankle. Songs of praise were heard from me as I was now able to move and ... yes ... wash my foot! So it was back to socks and shoes, and some Frankenstein-style walking without crutches. Life was better.

And better news was to come!

Yesterday, on my (now bi-weekly) visit to the hospital, the doctor took me off injected antibiotics completely and exchanged the bandage wrapping my lower leg with a sleek stick-on gauze patch, thus making it invisible beneath pant legs!

With my walking improving and almost no discomfort, I am very happy with my leg's progress.

Good job, leg!


Mitch said...


Glad to hear that you're on the mend!

Glad something like that didn't happen in Europe!


Peter Bond said...

Thanks Dude!

Yeah, I'm glad too. It would have put a serious crutch in our plans. We would have had to drop a stop, and I'm glad we didn't have too! Lisbon, Lagos, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, London...