Monday, March 17, 2008

150th Post and Award!

150 POSTS !!!

I am in loving Korea, my leg is almost healed, and my blog has reached 150 posts! Life is good!

Bond's Blog is about a year and a half old now and has been a outlet for my voice throughout my time working at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, teaching kids in Birmingham, and living halfway around the world in Korea. It has become part of my life and I feel blessed to be part of a thriving and rewarding cybercommunity.

Speaking of which, Bond's Blog was nominated for the E for Excellent Blog Award by my good friend Traumador the Tyrannosaur! I am honored and surprised, and by accepting the nomination, I must also nominate 10 people to also receive the Excellent Blog Award...

I nominate the Canadian Surfer, the Weapon of Mass Imagination, Wanderlusting, the Flying Trilobite, Leslie's Blog, Jennifer Echols' Photography, Mutant Reviewer Movie News, Palaeoblog, Laleaps, and Tetrapod Zoology!

If I could send the award right back to Traum, then I would too. His site -The Tyrannosaur Chronicles - is a great read (In fact, I make a special guest appearance on this week's post!)

The above blogs are fantastic and are well deserving of the Excellent title! I hope they enjoy their awards as much as I enjoy and cherish mine!


leslie said...

150 years old? :)
You must be taking VERY good care of that leg!
Congrats on the blog milestone.

And thank you for an Excellent Award! I enjoy putting the blog together, and I am appreciative of those who read my ramblings!

The Flying Trilobite said...

Thank you Bond! (You look great in a proton-pack, too, it brings out the glimmer in your eyes.)

Being in the same company as yourself, Traumador, Laelaps and the inimitable Leslie is the best part. And now I'll have to go and read the rest on your list so I can feel all worldy and stuff.

Peter Bond said...

It is absolutely my pleasure, Leslie and Glendon! I enjoy checking up on you and your art frequently to make sure you both haven't disappeared or been abducted or something...
Keep up the good work!

Brian said...

Thanks for the award! I'm way behind on memes, but I'll have to carry this one along soon.

Darren Naish said...

Many thanks Peter, much appreciated. And never one to brag, this'll be the third Excellent Blog award I've received, thank you thank you :)

Peter Bond said...

It is my pleasure Brian and Darren, as your two fantastic blogs keep me up to date with my palaeo and biology news!

All I ask is you keep on posting! You post, I read!