Wednesday, November 28, 2007

T-2 Days and Counting...

Welcome to the new and improved BOND's BLOG in KOREA!!!

Our story up until now:

Steve and I have been waiting patiently for the Korean Government to get back to us on the status of out Visa Application. Last week, they sent us our magic numbers and we trekked downtown the Korean Embassy. After handing over our passports (I hope they give them back!), they said we would get them back with our Visas on Friday.

Meanwhile, our Korean School wants us to start work on Monday. As they are paying for our flights (yeah!), they decide when we fly. Yesterday, we received an email saying our flight will be on Saturday! So I have a final countdown - T-2 days!

So, we fly on Saturday, we arrive on Sunday their time, and we begin working on Monday in a job I have never done before. Illogical? Crazy? Scary? YES! Fun and Adventurous? Oh YES!!!

Things I am looking forward to:

1. My very own in-seat TV and movies! All my life I have wanted to sit in a plane seat and watch my very own movie while everyone looks over everyone's shoulders, checking what each other are watching. Bliss.

2. Traveling West across the Pacific Ocean. Never done it before and have always wanted to.

3. Standing still and experiencing thousands of people stream past me in the streets. To experience the feeling of loneliness amongst millions. A la Lost in Translations...

4. Life with Steve. Fun, crazy times with my friend - one story from his travels of past: he once tied 38 2-litter pop bottles together and sailed (sunk) down the Han River.

5. Delving into a new and exciting culture and experiencing Korean Life from within!

The next post will be on Friday: Last day in Vancouver, Visa in hand, deep in packing hell! I'll post the things I am nervous about then...

Until then, I'm experiencing Vancouver as much as I can. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Peter Bond: Traveling Teacher...


Marianne said...

Wow, I'm getting an adrenaline kick just reading that! Hope all the preps go well, I'm excited for you, Peter! If we can't talk before you leave (no worries, I know you're super busy) send me a number once you're in Korea and I'll call ya. And do my best to join you on the Asian continent soon :)

Jewels said...

Sounds very fun and exciting.

but need to experience flying westjet get your own TV and the choice of paying for your movies...mind you the screen is as big as your fist. Hopefully you will be flying in luxery!

Safe journey!