Monday, August 20, 2007

Madrid to Lisbon

Hello Everyone,
I am currently in Lisbon, looking for a place to sit down and munch on some bread and peanut butter and apples with Greg. In other words, I have left Birmingham and England for Europe - specifically Spain and Portugal.

I spent a lovely two days with my family in London (saw an amazing art show with a white room of smoke ou walked through, bumping into others!) and then caught the Easyjet flight to Madrid.

Took the wonderfully clean metro to the city center where my hostal was - Grand Via: Home of the Prostitutes. Truely the Red Light District of Madrid, the hostal (Metropolo-a good hostal) was surrounded night and day by many many prostitutes working theyre stuff. Avoiding them, I managed to see three fanastic art galleries, including the famous Prado.

I left Madrid and took the night train to Lisbon. Arrived inthe morning and met Greg at our hostal - quite the compound across the water from the city center - Algrave. Beautiful here.

I´ll write more as I go, but here is a slice!

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