Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dateline: Lagos

Arrived in Lagos by bus from Lisbon (5 hours, cheaper and much easier apparently than the train, which takes longer with three transfers) and am now staying at the imfamous Rising Cock Hostel (insert rooster joke here!)

Lagos is a beach town at the southeastern tip of Portugal where it is 35 C and sunny! Bars, restaurants, beaches and gift shops litter the small town that starts to party at 11pm and does not stop till 6am. This lifestyle draws a certain type of person, namely Australians.

Lagos and the Rising Cock have been inundated with Australians, mostly from Melbourne, but also Sidney, Perth, and the Gold Coast. Groups of 30 swarm like wild dogs through our hostel lounge (the 'Hard Cock Cafe') and into the bars and clubs. A few Kiwis, Israelis, Germans, Americans, and of course, Canadians join them as long as they can survive! Night before was a late one, last night wasn't.

Off to the beach again today, after Mama (the Rising Cock's matriarch)prepares some delicious crapes for breakfast. Tomorrow, we catch the 12:30 bus to Seville...

Oh, and I now have a small sunburn in the shape of a squashed Great Britain directly above my tattoo on my right shoulder...

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