Saturday, April 17, 2010

Liveblogging: Ichthyosaur Edition! (Part 1)

Without a full day to dedicate to liveblogging (aka doing art for 15 hours consecutively in one sitting!), this edition of liveblogging will be an ongoing event where WIPs will be posted often.

For this edition, an ichthyosaur is the subject (to be included into May's ART Evolved Ichthyosaur Gallery!)  While teaching Math yesterday, I managed to throw down a quick sketch of an ichthyosaur I kinda liked.

I like how droopy his snout is - he looks very Muppet-like.  And, yes, his tail is completely wrong!  He was sketched in pencil, then the brightness was digitally lowered to give him an inked look.  From here, I plan to digitally colour him and place him in a created environment.

Any guesses as to his name?

1 comment:

Brian Blacknick said...

Very sharp Peter! I like the sinister look you've given to this guys eyes. What type of surroundings are you thinking of placing him in?