Friday, March 20, 2009

A Personal Update

Life has been a whirlwind these last few months!

Since returning to Canada, I've been busy setting up my life. My new life here in Vancouver. I have finally achieved the Big Three Things one needs when creating your existence. Job-Car-Apartment. (Now honestly, "Car" is not necessary, but as a substitute teacher, a vehicle is very useful!)

1) Job: I happily returned to teaching as a substitute in my school district, which is the first step towards getting my own classroom. As some know, my teaching focus was in elementary and while I certainly enjoy teaching it (especially rascals in grades 4-7!), I also get to challenge myself teaching science at the high school level!

2.) Car: Yes, I have finally (at 30 years old) purchased my first car - a black 2002 Honda Civic 4-door Sedan. It's beautiful, and useful and fuel-efficient in these tough economic times. As someone who care for the planet, I have tried hard to go as long as possible without a car - using public transportation, borrowing other's, walking, leaving the country... But now that I am staying in Vancouver and my life gets busier and potentially moves towards "settling down," having a car seems like the right thing right now.

3) Apartment: As of March 1st, I am living in my new apartment - renting, unfortunately (I am not in a place to be able to buy into the market, even while it is good right now.) It's great! I'm on the eighth floor of a tower overlooking the east of North Van, Van, Burnaby and, on a clear day, the active volcano Mt. Baker!

Now I can unpack...


Prehistoric Insanity said...

As per our conversation last night, looks like I was right (like usual ;p )

Dig the new look. Nice job on pulling it off yo!

Raptor Lewis said...

Sounds like your life is going great! (Love the new look for the blog!) Glad to hear it!!