Saturday, April 26, 2008

Evil Dead sucks Korea's Soul

One of the best horror films of all time, Evil Dead - the 1981 movie directed by Sam Raimi (Spiderman) - has been transformed into a musical, in all it's bloody and gory glory!

Evil Dead: The Musical (by Canadians George Reinblatt and Christopher Bond - no relation!) opened to rave reviews in Toronto and then moved to New York.

One of the things that really sets Evil Dead: The Musical apart from your average run-of-the-mill musical is the "Splatter Zone," where the audience gets covered in "blood" that is sprayed on them from the shot and chainsawed zombies! Ponchos are provided.

But now, the musical has been translated in Korean, and Evil Dead: The Musical has come to South Korea!

Grand open indeed!

I had to go. I couldn't let this opportunity slip! I met my friends at the theater and with our $50 ticket in hand, we took our seats. I wore my whitest shirt to get myself a "bloody" souvenir.

Soon the show began and it was much funnier and sexier than I had thought for a Korean show. The special effects and make-up were fantastic, as were the wonderful set and props. The zombies sang and danced great, with a nod to Micheal Jackson's Thriller.

When it came time for blood-letting, the zombies not only bled on the willing audience, but they fell into it and rolled around, gushing blood. The surprisingly 90% female audience squirmed in delight and horror! The show was hilarious, even without understanding a word.

Unfortunately, I missed the spatter and my shirt is still white.

Asian Ash vs The Cast of Darkness

Check out this video of Evil Dead Musical writer George Reinblatt visiting Seoul and meeting the Korean cast! It is hilarious when they all drink soju at the end!!!!

Here are some more clips from the Korean version of Evil Dead: The Musical:

Gimme some sugar, baby!

Come get some!

For the uninitiated, here is a brief synopsis of the Evil Dead story:

The timeless story of a group of teenagers having a sexy weekend in a cabin in the woods and finding the Book of the Dead which when read summons the Evil Spirits which one-by-one possess each of the teenagers until one is left (Ash) who also gets possessed but comes back but with a possessed hand which he cuts off and replaces it with a chainsaw but the hand attacks him and his girlfriend gets possessed and he has to cut off her head but she's undead and the deadites urge Ash to "join us" but he fights on using his chainsaw and boomstick/shotgun until the new girl reads the missing Evil Book pages and the Evil Dead goes away and Ash resumes work at S-Mart...

I loved the show (even though I couldn't understand a word of it) and highly recommend you see it - either here in Seoul (March 18th - June 18th 2008) or in Toronto while it is still playing!

See it before they suck your Seoul!!!

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