Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dino Spotlight: Tsintaosaurus Sketch

Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus was a 10 meter-long Chinese lambeosaurid hardosaur (duck-billed dino) which lived in the late Cretaceous. It displayed a unicorn-like crest at the top of it's head and probably lived in herds eating vegetation.

The sketch above was created using pen and ink on white paper, while waisting time at work waiting for students to not show up... I love the detail on it and it's skin texture. I also really like the pose of it's neck - curved and foreshortened!

In other news, Iron Man opens here in Seoul tomorrow. I'm checking out the 12 noon showing!


amy said...

wow, you are definately a skilled artist!!! I have to look at a picture in order to see what shapes to draw... I can't just go off the top of my head.... assuming that's what you do!? :)
Anyhow, how's life? If you were ranking all the countries you've vistited in terms of faves, where would south Korea place??

And I couldn't help but notice that It seems that your ESL students are rubbing off on you......
(sorry, couldn't waist such a good opportunity to poke fun :))

Traumador said...

Are you sure about the small hands?

Otherwise looks pretty sweet.

What you think of the new 3D ones I've been sending you

The Flying Trilobite said...

Fantastic line work, Peter. It also really has weight, which I like, none of that floaty-feeling. The skin hangs down.

This is a really sweet piece. You need to be stuck waiting around more often. ;-)

Peter Bond said...

Hi Amy, Traumador, and Glendon! Thanks for the complements on the sketch!

Amy - Ranked countries? Tough question. Now I've only been in Korea for 5 months, but here is my list:

1. Canada, 2. England, 3. Italy, 4. France, 5. Korea, 6. USA, 7. Germany, 8. Ireland, 9. Spain, 10. Portugal, 11. Mexico, 12. Belgium, 13. The Netherlands, 14. Switzerland, 15. Austria, 16. Scotland, 17. Andorra? ... umm. I think that's it... Am I missing any countries?

Traum - The hands aren't too big, but the feet are WAY to big! Think of his shoes!

Glendon - I really do need to be bored more often! Thanks for your compliment about the skin, it can be hard to achieve that effect. Your Dimetrodon-Girl looks so cool now! Keep going with it!