Monday, April 09, 2007

Santorini sinking...

Well friends, I leave Naxos today (in an hour) and sailing to Santorini. Sailing meaning the "slow ferry." Though I'll take the ferry over the cruise ship any day! If anyone has been watching the news recently, you may have heard of this unfortunate news story:


Yeah. It has been all over the news here, but apparently a cruise ship of 15,000 people hit a volcanic reef on Thursday, rolling over (!) and slipping under the waves Friday morning. Luckly, all except two passangers were safely taken to the island of Santorini (A french man and his daughter are still missing). It is unknown why the ship hit the reef, as it was on all the charts, and the captain and his crew have been charged with negligence and were taken to be held here on Naxos! It was the captain's first day on the job too.

And now I am going to Santorini... Wish me luck! I'll let you know how I get on in a few days. Don't worry! I can swim! And my ferry is going extra slow!

Will post again soon!


Marianne said...

Peter! Check your email - Kleopatra's friend Litsa is visiting us right now. She is from Santorini, and she is going back tomorrow! She can meet you in Fira on Wednesday! Let us know if that works for you, and good luck with the ferry!
:) Marianne

amy said...

Hey Pete!
Good to hear from you again.... Glad you're enjoying your travels (as if you could NOT enjoy Greece!) and I'm trying not be green with envy! Lookin' forward to seeing you here at home... know a few dozen or so who are counting down the days until your arrival :)
Yeah, heard the tragic news of the cruise ship... rather reminded me of the Queen of the North here in BC last year..... Watch out for sailors falling asleep! I'd blow my whistle and jump in to save you if necessary, but I might take a while swimming over.... so keep your wits about you!
love from all your "new" family,

amy said...

okay pete, where are you??