Sunday, April 29, 2007

4.3 and Game 3

Here is a quick post to show that England is not so different from Western Canada.

Saturday morning, the Kent area in Southern England was shaken by a 4.3 magnitude earthquake, rattling windows and collapsing some chimneys. The epicenter was located off the coast in the English Channel, near Folkestone. It was the largest tremor since 2002. Back home, BC is long overdue for a major earthquake...

I did not feel yesterday's earthquake at all for two reasons:

1. Birmingham is very far from Kent.
2. I was sleeping, having gone to bed at 5am. No, I was not partying, but listening through the internet 1040AM radio to the Canucks playing Game 2 against the Ducks! And we won!!! Go Canucks Go! (I then slept until 11am, and then finished season 1 of 24).

Tonight is Game 3 in Vancouver, and I am debating staying up and listening to it. The puck drops at 5pm Van time, which is 11pm UK time - not too bad! So here's to our Canucks! Go get 'em!!!

I have begun to play around with Photoshop and this is my first result.


amy said...

photoshop eh??? I say Keep your day job :) either that or be a travel guide :)
Great pics, sounds like an awesome trip.... you've definately got me sold on Greece!

James & Lara said...

Hi Pete,
Great pics of Greece, you have a good eye, though you do look a bit like a Warhol serial killer in your photoshop picture.

Lara wants to know "when you comin' to York"?

Lisa said...

Hey Pete! Awsome first go! Maybe when you come home, I can give you some tips. :0 Online tutorials are actually really helpful when you know the basics. Oh, and key commands are where it's at! Love you!
- Lis