Friday, October 20, 2006

Peter Bond (Traveling Teacher) still alive!

Yes, I am still alive.
Yes, I finally (after two weeks) have broadband internet.
Yes, I am swamped with paperwork and lesson planning and SEN reports.
No, I have not been:
a. kidnapped by my students or
b. killed in a playground brawl between two 5-year olds.

And unfortunately, yes, I have seen a drug deal go down in front of the school - WHILE THE KIDS WERE PLAYING OUTSIDE!

Anyway, I am safe and enjoying myself, and now have the entire next week off ("half-term break") so I am heading down to the BIG city, London, to see my Uncle Tim and Family and revisit the city I love so much!


Weapon of Mass Imagination said...


That was quite the two weeks of suspense...

Good to hear your alive.

Not so good on the drugs.

Wish my blogs had the kinda readership yours have :P

Marianne said...

Yaaay, Peter! I was just about to head to Birmingham on a "Saving teacher Bond" mission.
Have fun in your week off and greet The City for me!

nathalie said...

...not that i didn´t think you wouldn´t survive... (sorry about the repetitive negative)

watch out for:

crazy Bri´sh dialects

other guys girlfriends (even if the girlfriends invite you over)

your kids offering you drugs in exchange for good marks (kids have strange ideas these days...)

holidays :)... gotta love being a teacher!