Friday, October 27, 2006

Harborne - Best of the Brum

I am living in a room in a six bedroom house on Albany Road in Harborne, a nice small town based around a main street with all the necessities (grocery shops, video stores, book stores, banks, and chip shops). There are also at least 5 pubs in the area (in order: The Green Man, The Plough, Harborne Stores, Varsity, O'neills...could be more too), with O'neills being right across the street from my flat!
(Hi Dave!).

My room (the largest in the house with wood flooring, double bed, sink, and floor-to-ceiling bay windows - that overlook the street and the town's local probation office - ex-cons? Cool!) is very nice, but needs decor. I bought a lava lamp, some postcards, a Canadian flag, and a wooden poseable artist's model thing to put around. Needs more though. The walls are very white.

At the moment, my roommates include Patrick (not pictured: a British EPA businessman), Kate (pictured right: a Chech PhD student working on cancer research at Birmingham University), and Renata (pictured left: another Chech PhD student, Kate's friend, also working on the same cancer research project!). We've been out as a house a few times and they are really nice fun people. The house holds six, so there will be more roommates to come!

About 15 minutes walk away is the University of Birmingham, which holds Birmingham's Lapworth Museum of Geology and Palaeontology. It holds Charles Lapworth's Collection, the assemblage of fossils used to create the Ordovician Period in 1879. It is one of Europe's oldest natural history museums and contains over 250 000 specimens, including many skulls, footprints and other fossils from around Britain, as well as Burgess Shale (BC-Canadian) and Solnhofen Limestone (German) material. The museum was also used in top secret to assess the geology of the Normandy landing beaches prior to the D-Day invasion. I will definitely be spending more time here!

"Ouch! Bad T-Rex, Bad!"
Allosaur skull and foot, with Deinonycus and Velociraptor skulls, and a Megaloceras (big deer) skull behind.

I have just returned from a week off from school, so I will tell you all about that soon! (Short version though: London, family, art, Kate Moss, Canadian Store, bus, anamatronic dinos, beer, dancing, fish 'n' chips, castles, Charles Darwin!)

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