Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blog the First.

So here we go-> Me! Blogging! Here I am, but where am I? Right now I am in Drumheller working for the Royal Tyrrell Museum as a Camp Counselor!
And now, as August is coming to a close, the last kid has departed and it is time to be moving on.
On a funny side note, one of my roommates just called my blog "Blonde's Bog."
Anyway, my plan is to document my travels in this blog for the next year (in an attempt to reduce the number of mass emails!)
So here we go, Masses, enjoy my blog.


Kirstin said...

In my defence, Blond's Bog is pretty catchy

Caleb said...

Yes, I must admit that it is a catchy name. I have to concentrate hard now to make sure I say the right name... or maybe that is just saying somthing about me.

Hi Peter, Great job on the blog so far!

Randi said...

Hey Peter, this is a great idea. Do you have set plans yet for Oktoberfest? If we don't meet up in Germany we are definately going to have to meet up in London. Remy and I have never been there before so we're counting on "tour guide" Bond to rear his head once again. Let us know where we can get in touch with you k?