Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Finishing the Stegosaur

Continuing the progress on my Stegosaur, it became apparent that the background I painted just wasn't cutting it.  The decision was made to keep the painted dinosaur with all it's millions of scales and put him into one of my photographs (a beach in Donsol, in the Philippines). 

Add a few pterosaurs (Kepodactylus insperatus), and we have a lovely Stegosaurus stenops in a recreation from the Morrison Formation!

Evening Stroll on the Beach
(Click to see every scale!)

There was a reason behind creating this moody Stegosaur piece:  for submission to Prehistoric Times magazine!  Along with Mr. Stego, I'm also submitting my Anomalocaris painting and cartoon, with the hope that at least one of these getting published.

Anomalocaris and the Burgess Shale

Anomalocaris Regret

Either way, look to the next issue (#92) of Prehistoric Times for some great art, and just maybe you'll see one of these guys here!


Nima said...

Excellent Stegosaurus! I wish I could paint scale edges like that (who knows maybe I can.... with some practice LOL). But for the final touch-up I'd edit out the little white edges to make it fit into the background more.... did you actually cut out the drawing and scan it on top of the photo, or did you use photoshop to layer them together?

Raptor Lewis said...

I think you know my opinion of these three pieces. Enough said! lol! :)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

OH! liked the scales details on the hi-res version! beautiful artwork.... I agree with Nima though, it's more noticeable in the larger image.

Hope to see that on the mag!
Congrats Pete!

off topic: if it was you that post just linked to an interview in which Peter Jackson mentions Cate, Hugo and Ian are back ... but he forgot to mention Andy! The good news is Del Toro has stated Andy would obviously be back as Gollum.
.... err.. if "that visitor" from Vancouver wasn't you just ignore this spammish comment please.

Glendon Mellow said...

Excellent work, Peter! Love it. Like it's going to splash just because it wants to. I love the scales on it too.

Anonymous said...