Monday, May 18, 2009

Art while Bored

I've been busy, but I'm back. As a substitute teacher, I often end up with spare time on my hands. Be it giving a grade 7 math test, supervising an Electronics 11 work period, or enjoying a NIT (non-instructional-time = prep time in BC), I often spend the time dabbling in creativity!

I produced the following two oil-pastel pieces last week during recess and lunch while in a French Immersion grade 5 class:

Midnight at the Foothills of the Rockies

I am quite happy with the theropod and the medium (pastel on black construction paper looks great. Remind me to use it more often!) Unfortunately, in the 15-mins it took to make this, I failed in capturing the ceratopsian well. The arms don't realistically work and I couldn't decide on an effective colour scheme. The mountains are too simple as well.

Pterosaur and the Sea

This one is done as an experiment with pterosaurs! I rarely work with them as I find their wings so difficult to draw. I am focusing my attention on this group of animals now to get ready for the next ART Evolved art gallery: Pterosaurs.

If you've been following the ART Evolved blog, you'll know I've got a healthy month-and-a-half to get a kick-ass piece ready. Which I want to do - because last time, for the Permian Synapsid show (which is amazing - Check it out here!), I created my "Dimetrodon" a day before the show went up! Yikes!

So this time, I plan to do some sort of painting of some flying reptile... I'm just not sure which genus of Pterosauria I should reconstruct. Any ideas?


Kirstin said...

Hey Pete!!

Can you draw me a 15 minute Hypacrosaurus next recess!?

Rhonwyn said...

I really like the pterosaur, no idea exactly why, but I think it's lovely!

heh...sorry for being completely unconstructive!

Zach said...

Do an azhdarchid, but not Quetzelcoatlus--everyone does that.

Peter Bond said...

Kirstin - You bet, Hypacrosaurus away!

Thanks Rhonwyn!

Zach - Yeah man, I think I'm going to do something with an azhdarchid other than Quetzelcoatlus. And babies. But there isn't a lot of info about pterosaur babies...

Raptor Lewis said...

At least you found something to do with your "down-time." These pieces look cool especially for the limited time you had to do these!