Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold to Hot: Change Coming

Life Update: This weekend was busy with seeing DJ Shadow in Hongdae on Friday, going to my first Korean wedding on Saturday, and meeting Remi from Vancouver on Sunday!

Things are starting to fly by a lot faster. It is officially two weeks from today that I leave Seoul and Korea and move on to the next chapter of my life.

I have finally bought tickets to Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks before Christmas, so on December 2nd, I say goodbye to Korea and hello to South East Asian travel!

Then, as of December 22nd, I will return home to Vancouver - teaching and looking for an apartment. Fun.

On another more immediate note, it has suddenly and without warning become very cold. The walk to work here in Sinchon was a tough one with the freezing wind and flying ginkgo leaf attacks. Apparently, we may see snow on Thursday!

Thailand beaches sound extra inviting today. I'll keep you posted...


Marianne said...

I just watched that inmate dance video - it's AWESOME! I'm just wondering how the inmates were motivated to participate... rewards or punishment?

Yeah, Thailand beaches sound great to me, too, but I'm not as lucky as you: I have to wait at least 4 more months until I get to enjoy them. Darn thesis thingy.

Enjoy your last two weeks in Seoul!!

Raptor Lewis said...

The sounds great to me too. I hope the next chapter in your lif goes as smoothly as this one. (Have you ever chcked out PaleoQuest?)

leslie said...

Oh noooo...flying ginkgo leaf attacks.
Run away, run away!

So. Do you think it will be warmer in Vancouver?