Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm getting a little excited here...

Whew! It's been a busy month here in Seoul-land! And there is so much to look forward to!

My roommate Steve's Mom has been visiting us for the last week which means I've been hitting the tourist attractions of Seoul hard. (Actually, Steve is doing most of the showing around - I mean, she is his mom!) Anyway, we've explored Namdaemun Market - in search of Halloween paraphernalia, and hiked Bukhansan Mountain, a respite from the urban forest (Check back soon for PHOTOS and a more in depth look at these popular Seoul spots!)

Looking to the future, life only gets more exciting - You may have noticed the poster for Seoul's first-annual ZOMBIE WALK 2008, happening this Saturday! The brainchild of my friend Bobby (and seconded by your's truely - "Let's do it!"), the Zombie Walk will celebrate all things Halloween and UnDead. We will all meet around 4pm at Ewha University (the local women-only uni) and then walk to Hongik University (Hongdae = student party central, where there are literally hundreds of bars and clubs - my usual Friday night hangout!)

Oh yeah, and we are all dressed as zombies. We expect over 40 people to join our dead-shuffle, creating an unforgetable impression on the local Korean population! (My Korean friends, by the way, think this is the most insane and crazy thing to do - as it goes against the social norms of not standing out. Do I expect the police to show up? Maybe. Will we be on the news? Maybe...hehehe) Again, photos will come soon!

Besides the z-walk, I am also looking forward to my planned trip to Tokyo the weekend after next. My good friend Taka says I can stay with him in Yokohama and I'll take the train in to see Tokyo. I am also planning to meet another friend Naoko (someone I worked with at the Lookout.)

Furthermore, besides zombies and Godzillas, I am also looking forward to Bond, James Bond. Yes, Quantum of Solace, the new Bond film (and direct sequel to Casino Royal) comes out here on November 5th!

Yup, there's alot on my plate, and I like it like that.

Oh, and readers, what is a "quantum of solace" anyway?


Marianne said...

A tiny little bit of comfort? I'm assuming he'll blow up a whole lot of people to get over the loss of the last bond girl. Violence IS the solution to all problems, as everyone knows.

HA! Peter, you are loco!! I love it. Must find a Korean channel here in Santiago to watch you being arrested for standing out. They'll adopt a new law in South Korea: It is forbidden to walk like a zombie.
Or maybe some people might think it's real and you'll set off a mass panic. And then you'll run after them, yelling "No! I'm not really dead!!
Well, whatever happens, I'm guessing it'll make for an awesome blog entry. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Prehistoric Insanity said...

Funny you should ask about quantum of solace. I know what it is quite well.

So back in Jan I was of course in Calgary catching up with my more geeky inclined friends. Olav is the BIGGEST (James!) Bond fan of anyone I know. He not only has an encylepidic memory about the movies, but the orignal novels and short stories.

So he tells us that the ONLY Bond story never used to make a movie whether from its plot or simply its title (as many of the movies though having the same title as one of the stories don't have anything to do with each other at all!) is quantum of solace.

He says they'll never use this story for two reasons. One the title isn't catchy, and second the story is very unlike what we want James Bond to be like.

In the story Bond is undercover at a party, and thinking he is the shit. He bumps into a rather attractive lady, as Bond does. Only in this short story all he does is talk to her at the party. Simply through this conversation Bond realizes despite his spy adventures in reality he is the MOST boring person in attendence at the party due to the fakeness of his life.

So Olav tells us this, again in Jan, and emphasises we'll never see a Bond movie of this title. Literally the next day they announce the title (though I'll point out Olav was a newpaper reporter at that time, and I THINK he'd gotten an early press release the day he told us this... but it was still funny as till I thought about it)

Peter Bond said...

Yeah, that's what I thought, guys, Thanks! "A bit of peace..."

I guess the point of Bond is that he will try to find that peace, but can't. He needs revenge.

Oh, I can't wait for the movie.

Interesting anecdote, Craig. I should read the story. In fact, I should read all the stories! What kind of Bond am I?!