Friday, February 01, 2008

Korean Facts! - Volume 1

(I live on the green line.)

There are stories I heard from my Japanese friends of the Tokyo subway of people being squished and pushed into the subway cars by men with white gloves. I expected something similar upon taking the Seoul train (get it? SoulTrain!)

But there were no men with white gloves on my train. The subway in Seoul is modern, safe, fast, clean, and cheap. Really cheep! It costs around $1 each way. It is a great system, in fact it's one of the best mass transit systems I have been on - better that London's, but not as good as Lisbon's...

It is still very, very busy though.

That's me, the white guy at the back of the car.

And here is Steve, the white guy up front!

Interesting Subway Fact: Most people on the subway pass the time by reading (above), listening to music, or texting on their cell phones. Some people also watch TV on their phones! Apperently, it is cheap to free to watch telly here - I plan to investigate with my cool phone...

Trying not to fall asleep and fall over.

Interesting Extra Korean Fact:
In the photo above, you can see a young woman with a polar bear head around her neck. This is a hood/scarf/gloves (with bear paws!) combo article of winter fashion. They have become trendy here in Seoul, which means EVERYONE has one. The are sold EVERYWHERE on EVERY street corner! Koreans seem to jump on trends - animal scarves, mini-skirts, and spiky hair... Just one more interesting Korean observation!


Prehistoric Insanity said...

Cool stuff... More facts need to come!

You SO have to hear about the day I've had... the weirdest 20hours in a long time...

It'll be up on the blog tomorrow...

"All In One Day"

leslie said...

Puts NYC to shame-shame.
Beautiful subway. Why wouldn't everybody want to use it?