Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Appolgies of the Absence

Life is in Limbo. Uncertainty floods the system. Reason for not updating blog: Life.

But the Blog is Back.

I am currently looking for a good job in Korea. Once this is obtained, the path will be clear. A flight can be booked, bags can be packed and goodbyes can be said. Until then, limbo.

I wish to continue uploading photos, but it takes forever on blogger (only 5 photos at a time!), so I have put them all onto facebook. Even if you are not a facebook member, no problem! Anyone can check out my Spain, Portugal, and New York photos. So here they are:

After Madrid and Lisbon below,

-Lagos, Portugal photos

-Seville, Spain photos

-Valencia, Spain photos

-La Tomatina, Brunol, Spain photos

-Barcelona, Spain photos

-London, England photos

-New York, New York photos

Please click on the links and enjoy! Facebook allows you to comment any photos you like, so let me know what tickles your fancy!

I am currently still in Vancouver, scouring the net for Korean English teaching jobs beginning in Dec 1. Once I find the job, then I will spend some time in Nov traveling Korea, Japan, China, or South East Asia.

Any suggestions?

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