Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Canada Day in the UK!

Pete Bond brings Canada Day to Birmingham!

Sunday brought July 1st - Confederation Day for Canada - and my British friends and I celebrated in style! As the only Canadian, I was in the perfect position to educate the masses:

-Canada is the second largest country in the World.
-Canada loves Hockey (Vancouver Canucks!)
-Canadian Animals
-Canada is NOT American (we are Northern North Americans!)
-Famous Canadians (Micheal J Fox, Brian Adams, etc... but also Lois Maxwell (Mrs. Moneypenny!), Rachel McAdams, William Shatner (Kirk!), Alex Trebec (Jeperody!), James Cameron (Titanic/Terminator!), Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City!), Matthew Perry (Friends!), Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss (the Matrix!), Alexander Graham Bell (telephone!), and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane!) Whew!

We decorated the house with Canadiana (my info posters, map, and my flag!) and Emily cooked some incredibly tasty 'Canadian' food! Canadian Won-Ton, Pizza, and Soup. (Thanks so much, Em!)

And BEER!!! Unfortunately, we could not find Canadian beer (Is Coors Canadian?), so Ian and Lisa put Canadian stickers on Fosters (yeah, they thought Australian was close to Canadian... both colonies?) Karl and Catherine brought maple syrup, Canadian Dry soda, pancakes, and beef jerky! Claire brought Canadian Club whiskey! This is what the British think Canadians consume!

After a failed bonfire, we discovered an artifact from the past! While fanning the fire with a serving tray, it was hit too hard and broke. Within the tray we discovered some old newspaper. As the rain started to fall, we salvaged the old yellowed paper and brought it inside. Increadible, the newspaper was dated August 27th, 1950! I'll post pics soon, because the articles are fascinating! More on it soon...

With such a discovery under our belt, Canada Day couldn't have got better. Yet it did! At the end of the night, we went to the Harborne Legion (2 doors down!). They had an open mic for the regulars ('regulars' being of an average age of 81!), and the dancing began! 6 young fit single 20-somethings dancing with 40 old wrinkled frisky 80-somethings... It was a fantastically fun time!

Happy Canada Day!


Lisa said...

Aw! That's so cute that your roommates are so supportive of you. Then again, any reason to party, right? ;) I miss you Pete! I'm gonna book round 2 with Paul soon and get this tattoo thing closer to being finished! Andrew insured the jeep from midnight tonight till midnight tomorrow night and we're taking it for a midnight spin! There's still no windshield so we're sticking to Marine Drive all the way to Horsehoe Bay. When do you think you can come home again? Love you always!

Marianne said...

Happy Canada Day, Peter! Yay for European representatives. I met up with the Munich Canadian Club at a Beergarden (where else...?) and met a guy there who looks like Hugh Jackman! Wrraarrr! ;)
Korea sounds great to me - this way we might be able to meet up next spring! Although the record of meeting up in Europe is not favourable (on my part...).
Hey, let's chat on the phone sometime!

amy said...

Hey peter!
Sounds like you had fun with canada day celebrations... Anybody you know get to see the 6 hour Celebration of Diana concert in London??
That's a pretty good list of canadians, but two that I just have to remind you of (becuase I love them) are Rick Hansen (man in motion tour) and Tracy Dahl (singer), Micheal Bubble, and of course our local Jimmy Pattison....don't know if he's made world headlines?!

amy said...

oops... that was more than two, YES, I CAN count!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Canada Day Peter! We miss you over here...and it's hot this summer!!
For Canada Day I went to see the movie "Knocked up" with my parents than watched a homemade fireworks display, praying that my brother did not blow himself up!!