Friday, September 15, 2006

Memories of Summer Camp 2

Professor Paradigm, head of Palaeo-Central, briefs the campers while Iridium Booster provides security.

Palaeo-Agent Joseph Eratic gives the Junior Agents their next mission.

Palaeo-Agent Iridium Booster takes a break from capturing evil-doers.

Fossil Casting with Strong Man and Traumador the Tyrannosaur.

Putting together Cory the Corythosaurs mounted skeleton with the campers.

Prep Lab Tour with Kirstin for out LITs. I think I found something cool. Unfourtunately, I didn't.

A model of the new entrence to the galleries at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Its a family of four Albertosaurs.

Craig leading the campers on a hike to find fossils. Good luck Craig!


Traumador said...

Hey it's me and strong man!!!

Thanks Peter!

You're linked to my site now...

I miss the summer

Kirstin said...

Yay! I was a part of the camp experience!
Miss you!

Max E. Million said...

Where is the picture of me as a flying pig?